Beach Wheelchair Rental Services

We rent experiences, not wheelchairs!

At Beach Mobility Rentals, we serve the mobility-challenged community of all ages with our beach wheelchairs! Our renters include anyone with a reduced ability to walk on uneven, soft, or unstable terrain such as sand, deep grass, and dirt. You need not miss limbs or suffer paralysis to qualify to use our chairs. Arthritis sufferers, people with temporary injuries (leg in a cast?), rehabilitation patients, people suffering with long term disabilities such as MS and ALS, and more all “qualify” to use the chairs. We don’t rent to people who have full normal functional use of their body. These beach wheel chairs are not a recreational toy and our business serves the people who need us most. We serve the mobility-challenged who have just as much right to enjoy their day in the sun as those who no affliction. We exist to serve a need, to enrich life, and to make our corner of the world a bit better for everyone. At Beach Mobility, we don't build, rent, or sell beach wheelchairs. We build, rent, and sell experiences. Long after the vacation is over, the memory of a day in the sun will live forever. And that is what separates us from everyone else. It's not about making a buck. It's about the privilege of participating in lifelong excellent memories.

Click here to read the testimonial of the founder of BMR, Greg McNair


Starting at $49 / day

Fox news

For some people with disabilities, the beach is off limits. But a man in Florida is trying to change that, and his business is booming. Posted by FOX 12 Oregon on Monday, February 15, 2016


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