Hello my friends!

One of the most fascinating realizations in life is understanding that moment when you know why God put you on this earth. For some, there may be many moments scattered throughout a lifetime, not just one  single calling.


Perhaps you saved someone’s life, or your career served so many others, or you reflect on the opportunity to have raised loving children. In my case, my epiphany was the moment I knelt in the sand on August 24 2015, holding hands with 3 women, one with a crippling paralysis, praying thanks for the beautiful day for her to enjoy her day on the sand in one of my beach wheelchairs.

It felt like the hand of God pressing down on my back, shoving me into the sand, making me realize it’s right here, right now, that my calling was to serve people with disabilities on the warm sands of the Florida beaches. Etched in my mind forever, that moment with Diana and her family will never leave me. I’ve “been there” for a lot of great moments for people, I’ve raised children to be responsible adults, I’ve served a lot of people in many capacities. But never before in my life have I felt such a confirmation of calling as to being where I am right here, right now. Stick around and you’ll see some stories of the people who touch my life, who I am honored to serve.

Get on the sand!



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