One day rentals are 24 hours! You know what? Living at the beach has a distinct advantage over anywhere else in the world…you can see a sunrise on the East Coast, and a sunset on the West. And if you’re on a Southern coast, you can see both, lucky you! For that reason, we want you to enjoy the same sunrises and sunsets that we do at BMR, so you get the chair for 24hrs or more!
The short answer is “everywhere people without disabilities can go.” Please understand, just because this is off-road doesn’t mean you can drive on the dunes. That’s a BIG NO NO in any coastal community. We like to preserve nature, so tread only where you’re allowed. People without disabilities aren’t allowed on dunes either!
For powered chairs, you must stay at least 60’ from the water at all times. Salt water and electronics do not play well together, and there’s nothing worse than getting stranded in a rising tide! Well, ok, there is something worse…the damage bill you’ll have to pay to replace the electronics! It’s not cheap!! For non-power chairs which require an attendant, of course you can take them into the water, but the attendant must be very careful that you don’t drown your rider. We want you to rent from us again!
Most chairs have a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds, and the seats are designed for one operator. It may be possible to fit a small child on your lap, but we don’t encourage multiple passengers. These chairs have the potential to drive over people’s feet, so let’s take a minute to go back and revisit the waiver/release. We want you to be a safe renter!
This is your independence, and if you let someone else borrow the chair and they damage it, you’re responsible for their use. And then of course, you’ve lost your independence! So you know what? Probably not a good idea to let others borrow it!
A general rule of thumb is 4-6 hours of continuous use. We’ve been able to drive as much as 4 miles on the sand. If this seems shorter than your typical hard surface chair, that’s because these are operating on loose turf, and that’s like driving a low-economy heavy car with a lead-foot. All “mileage” will vary depending on several factors, including your weight, the ambient temperature on the sand, and how frequently you move the chair. Every power chair is equipped with a battery monitor, and we encourage you to treat it like you would a gas gauge in a car. When you get below 1/3, have a plan to be able to get back “home.” When you’re back at your room, simply plug the chair into the charger, and plug that into the wall like you would a lamp. It takes about 4 hours to recharge from empty. Most hotels will allow you to park it inside their lobby, away from guests. We provide you with a cover and a lock to prevent others from taking it.
Yes, these chairs have a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds. Some chairs may have lower restrictions, so please inquire when you’re calling us.
Yes, you must sign a release waiver absolving us from responsibility if you break a law, injure yourself or others, or damage property. Beaches around the country are very tough on people who trespass on dunes and protected areas, and it’s your responsibility to be a vigilant and safe renter! Lawyers around the country are very tough on people who hurt others or damage property. Let’s try to keep the lawyers out of it, ok?
The Beach Cruiser with the grey smooth tires is not designed for constant use off the sand, because it wears the tires down. We encourage you to limit the use to off-road. The Nomad and other chairs equipped with all-terrain knobby tires do handle hard surfaces better, and we aren’t so picky about that use. Just pay attention to the battery life, because we may have to charge you to come rescue you from somewhere off the beach!
We can’t let you take the chair out of town, sorry. We have GPS on the chairs, and we know where they are at all times. These are expensive to replace, and we really don’t like to have to chase them down. Then the police get involved, and things get a bit legal, and well, that’s just no fun!
Everywhere! Around here, we don’t like the word “no.” Where do you want to get on the sand or dirt? Have a friend who prefers a certain destination other than yours? We have operators on many coasts. Just inquire, and we’ll get you set up!go back and revisit the waiver/release. We want you to be a safe renter!
Well of course you can! New or used, we can arrange to have a chair delivered to your doorstep, no matter where in the world you are. Call or email to get more information.
You know what? Yes you can. We’d love to discuss collaborating with you to set up shop in another town. We are very picky about whom we partner with, because this isn’t about greed; this is totally about need. We provide a valuable service to our renters, and we don’t take this lightly. If you’re in it for the money, we probably won’t talk with you, because we feel that’s the wrong reason. We do enjoy making a living, but we enjoy the independence we give others more. If you’re a good person with strong business sense and financial stability, then drop us a line. Let’s see where this goes!
You know what? Yes you can! We encourage you to share your photos with us, and we’d love to put them on our website and social media! We can be found on instagram, @beachmobilityrentals, and we use the hashtags #getonthesand and #theallterrainlife. On Facebook we are, please “like” us and share us! Email your testimonials to us at please!