We Rent Experiences

At BMR, we don’t rent beach wheelchairs. We rent experiences. Your vacation is important, and it’s where memories are born for life. Never has a client left their vacation with anything less than a smile and satisfaction from an experience they had while using one of our chairs. It’s a pretty incredible feeling knowing that 30 years from now, someone will reflect on a vacation when one of my beach wheelchairs was integral in the memory. They’ll see photos, videos, and tell stories, and that warms my heart. I don’t take what I do lightly. It’s serious business giving people more than they hoped for. It’s serious business knowing that my beach wheelchairs will give them a lifelong memory, and I want that to be a great¬†memory! The world can be pretty unforgiving for people with disabilities. One person, one vacation, one experience at a time, I hope to make a positive impact on families, and bring them back to our little slice of Heaven in Daytona Beach Florida!


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