Sandrider Specs:

Occupant Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Overall Dimensions: 65″L x 38″W x 39″H
Seat Dimensions: 18″W x 19″H x 18″D
Frame: Aluminum
Backrest: Fixed
Armests: Easily removable for Lateral transfers
Footrest: Fixed position mesh material, adjustable for rider leg length.
Chair Weight: 40lbs

Personal Notes: The front wheel does not articulate. This means that you have to lean the rider back to remove weight from the front wheel to "slide" to a new direction. For some, this is easy if the rider is light. For others, this can be quite a challenge. And for those who don't handle leaning back well, this might not be the chair for you. While this chair can hold 300 lbs, pushing 300lbs on sand is not the same as pushing the weight in a regular wheelchair on hard flat land. To give you an idea, it's like pushing that much weight on a slight grade. The tires have a large footprint, our feet do not. Now, you can always bring snowshoes and get more foot traction, but you'd probably look silly! This is to say, it's not impossible, but I don't want you to think pushing heavy weight on the sand is a cakewalk. In the absence of any other means to get someone on the sand, this is still the best way!

Comfort Notes: Please understand this doesn't have a headrest. When the rider tires, they can't lean their head back to rest, which may mean having to transfer into a lounge chair for all-day comfort. Please look at all of my equipment to make sure you consider rider comfort as much as you may consider the use by the attendant doing the pushing.


Sandrider Features:

  • Rubber pneumatic tires to absorb shock
  • Fully transportable in smaller vehicles because it comes apart in several sections
  • Can be driven into shallow water
  • Non-allergenic, UV resistant, water resistant and ventilated material