This is the Nomad, the first mass produced purpose-built truly all-terrain wheelchair that started the industry! It all started with this same basic design, designed to serve a direct need to get on the beach. We learned that it handled far more than soft and hard sand! And so we made it with tough rubber tires and sent it into the woods, across rocks and streams, through mud, and across grass of all thicknesses. Tough, durable, and comfortable – it’s often referred to as the SUV of all terrain chairs!


Beach Mobility can customize the chair in many ways for you! We offer a stock choice of dozens of colors, and if you want to express yourself with something outside of our palette, we are happy to help you make the choice! Our finishes are beautiful, durable, and will protect your frame for many years. Want a special seat color? We can do that also! Want different wheels? Tell us what you like, let us find it, and match the perfect tire for you as well. We’ve created chairs in custom sports themed colors, we’ve created camouflage hunting chairs, and we’ve even created an all-black “Batman” chair! Mild to wild, we cover it all!


The Nomad has been rolling across terrains around North America and destinations abroad for over a dozen years. Chairs exist in rental markets on coastlines from East to West, North to South. Literally thousands of people have been given the chance to enjoy the sand and off-road geography in areas along the coast and deep inland.

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At Beach Mobility Manufacturing, it’s not about building wheelchairs. It’s about building experiences. It’s about putting you in the driver’s seat so you can enjoy the great outdoors on your terms! The accolades and praise we receive from our buyers is pretty consistent and summed up in just a few words–“Thank you, this has changed my life!” We like to hear stuff like that. Makes us all warm and fuzzy.


In 2004, Jerry Nasello set out to create a highly functional beach wheelchair. Over the years, it has been developed to handle all terrains, from soft sand or grass to rocks and dirt, the Nomad covers it all.


The Nomad is the chair that began the mass-produced beach wheelchair phenomenon. Since it’s introduction, there have been many who imitated. In fact, right here near Daytona Florida, a person rented a chair for 2 days, and copied it piece by piece. He now sells a “copycat” version built from used wheelchair parts. Please understand, our chairs are built to fulfill a need, not to fulfill greed. If ethics are a concern to you, then you should be aware of who is in the business and for what reason. BMM builds chairs to change lives. That’s how it started, and that’s how it will always remain. We don’t speak poorly of anyone we consider competition. There is a different flavor to meet everyone’s needs, and there are some remarkable devices in the marketplace. But we will not compromise our ethics or speak in adoration of anyone who copies our design. True blood, sweat, and tears went into development of the Nomad over many years. We feel it’s important you know what BMM is all about. And we don’t just build chairs for clients. We build them for ourselves to provide to our renters in our sister company, Beach Mobility Rentals. We use what we build, every week throughout the year. Hundreds of miles are driven on Florida beaches every year in the Nomad. Don’t take our word for it…read the testimonials of our renters who have traveled to Daytona Beach FL just so they could drive a Nomad Beach Wheelchair for their vacation! We are proud of our heritage, and we won’t be outclassed!


You can customize your chair to fit your personality! We provide you with a rainbow of colors for the frames, and seat options range from mild to wild!


Proudly standing on a successful 12 year design and sale history, we back our Nomad with a 1 year top-to-bottom warranty for your peace of mind!


  • The Nomad

  • $8500
  • Our Full Model
  • Choose from several colors!
  • Comfortable captain’s chair
  • Knobby, paddle, and street tread tires
  • 55ah Gel AGM batteries
  • 1 year full warranty
  • Stainless and aluminum construction
  • Options

  • $tbd
  • Metalic Paint Colors
  • Custom Wheels
  • LED Lighting
  • USB Chargers
  • Weatherproof Cover
  • Self-leveling Cup Holders
  • Fishing Rod Holders
  • Shipping

  • $tbd
  • We ship globally
  • Pricing is based on delivery
  • All shipping is insured for full value of replacement
  • Your chair arrives ready to operate! No assembly required!