Beach Wheelchair Rental Services

We rent experiences, not wheelchairs!


  1. We are located in Florida, and while there may be other sites showing our information, we regret to inform we no longer have offices in cities located outside of Daytona and Ormond Beach. We no longer make long-distance deliveries as the cost to you will likely be prohibitive. If you wish to inquire, please feel free.
  2. We do not rent standard wheelchairs, knee scooters, or crutches
  3. We do rent powered scooters and beach wheelchairs
  4. We deliver to you, we don't offer local pickup. All rentals have a delivery fee starting at $45
  5. We do not rent by the hour. There is a 1-day minimum
  6. If you want hourly use, please contact the Volusia County Beaches to inquire about free beach wheelchair use at their assigned locations, as we are not staffed or geographically positioned to offer hourly use
  7. If you rent for a 1-day use, we rent only at Andy Romano Park in Ormond by appointment only, and there is very little chance we can accommodate you "on the day of need"
  8. We do not have a location on the beach
  9. We do service the east coast of Florida, but we do not service the gulf coast
  10. We love our clients and we look forward to helping you!

How does it work? You call or text us to make an advance reservation. We deliver to you, we pick up at the end of your rental. To start the process, you may call or text, and we will text you a list of qualifier questions to establish a quote, and proceed from there.

Special Note from the owner Greg: On Dec 03 2019, I suffered a massive stroke, and it made operations difficult, so I had to adjust my way of doing business. If you don't get through on the phone, please send a text message. I can't always talk, but I can text. This is not a large organization, and as such, you will receive very personal service. I want to ensure you have gotten through to me, so please be patient! I want to help! Selecting the proper beach chair is important, as there are many variables from operator weight to attendant strength. How the chair will be used plays a very important role in the success of your vacation, and so I want to make sure whatever you rent is a perfect fit. To that end, I have worked hard to put very thorough descriptions on each rental item's page, so please be sure to read all the notes!

We serve the Volusia and Flagler county areas, which include Palm Coast, Flagler, Daytona, Ormond Beach, and New Smyrna. In some cases we can deliver to other beaches on the East Coast, but you must call to inquire. We suggest you do a Google search for beach wheelchairs specific to your beach vacation, or contact the lifeguard service in that area to see if they offer any free chairs to use.

At Beach Mobility Rentals, we are a team of compassionate people who understand your needs on a personal level. Every person in the company is personally connected to someone with a mobility assistance need. We serve the mobility-challenged community of all ages with our beach wheelchairs! Our renters include anyone with a reduced ability to walk on uneven, soft, or unstable terrain such as sand, deep grass, and dirt. You need not miss limbs or suffer paralysis to qualify to use our chairs. Arthritis sufferers, people with temporary injuries (leg in a cast?), rehabilitation patients, people suffering with long-term disabilities such as MS and ALS, and more all “qualify” to use the chairs. We don’t rent to people who have full normal functional use of their bodies. These beach wheelchairs are not recreational toys and our business serves the people who need us most. We serve the mobility-challenged who have just as much right to enjoy their day in the sun as those who have no affliction. We exist to serve a need, to enrich life, and to make our corner of the world a bit better for everyone. At Beach Mobility, we don't build, rent, or sell beach wheelchairs. We build, rent, and sell experiences. Long after the vacation is over, the memory of a day in the sun will live forever. And that is what separates us from everyone else. It's not about making a buck. It's about the privilege of participating in lifelong excellent memories.

Click here to read the testimonial of the founder of BMR, Greg McNair

Fox news

For some people with disabilities, the beach is off limits. But a man in Florida is trying to change that, and his business is booming.

Posted by FOX 12 Oregon on Monday, February 15, 2016
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