Nomad Specs:

Occupant Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
Overall Dimensions: 62″L x 32″W x 45″H
Seat Dimensions: 20″W x 30″H x 19″D
Frame: Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Backrest: Reclines to flat position
Armests: Comfortable, swing-up design to allow for entry on either side of the chair
Footrest: Fixed platform, can stack towels under feet to accommodate shorter passengers
Chair Weight: 234lbs

Transport Notes: This is not transportable. We only deliver it within the Volusia and Flagler County areas. You must have a place to store this when not in use, so please contact the condo, hotel, or home you're staying in to ensure this is kept inside and able to be charged when not in use. This chair is not designed to use on the city streets and around a hotel as a scooter. Its design is beach first, so please remember that.

Personal Notes: There have been MANY people to copy this chair, and even some have named theirs the Nomad, and others have stolen our photos to represent as their wheelchairs. This is the original, this is the best. While it can handle 300lbs, that's really pushing it because these work best under 275. We do reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone who stretches the truth about their weight. We are currently working on a model to accommodate larger people, so please be patient!

Usage Notes: This is designed for dry sand, and it is not to be operated in the water. It's ok to use on wet sand, so long as it is not glossy wet sand. If you operate this in salt water, you'll be assessed a $500 cleaning fee and repairs to anything damaged.

Nomad Features:

  • Comfortable captains chair seating
  • Rear suspension to soak up harsh bumps
  • Joystick controlled
  • Zero-turning radius
  • Rugged and able to traverse many terrains
  • Ultra-stable, doesn't rock or give sense of tipping
  • Robust tires can handle crossing sharp objects with ease, unlike softer "Wheeleez" tires that are prone to puncture


The Nomad is our most terrain-versatile of the fleet, equipped with tires designed for any turf. Our clients say it best: “The Nomad reminds me of my Cadillac Escalade. It’s very comfortable, very stable, and rides like a dream! It’s the SUV of wheelchairs!” The seat fully reclines, and we have designed it for total comfort. It has a battery life of approximately 6.5 hours of normal use. Recharge is as simple as plugging it into a wall like a lamp! Your mileage may vary depending on the softness of the sand, but getting 4 miles of continuous use is a good safe limit.