Floating in bliss

beach_wheelchair_floating-1beach_wheelchair_sarah-1Every person I meet touches me in some way. One day while demonstrating a chair to a new client, I watched as a group of women were pushing a young girl in the sand, struggling to get her small thin-tired wheelchair close to the water’s edge. I dropped what I was doing, ran over, and gave them the use of one of my chairs to make this moment not only possible, but to exceed what they were expecting. Meet Sarah.  This beautiful girl stole my heart shortly after entering the water with her family friend, pushing her beach wheel chair, and helping her float so she could enjoy some wave action in the Atlantic. The joy on her face and mine should tell you a story words cannot capture. I could have been on any stretch of this gorgeous Volusia County beach, but at this particular moment, God had me right where I needed to be. This was no coincidence.

Awhile back, I realized that what we do at Beach Mobility Rentals is to turn disabilities into abilities. And this moment in Daytona Beach, those words couldn’t have rung a bell any louder.

Get on the sand!



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